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22 for parryEdit

22 for parry is the 13th episode of season 3 of frog boy


the episode begins with parry waking up with no one but Stanley in the house he then finds a note on the fridge saying 'to parry me frog boy cherry bomb and game buddy have went to the best fun fair in the world here for 1 day only we would invite you but we didn't have anough tickets sorry-barry parry rips the letter in half angrly and storms out of the house. parry walks through the mall woundring what he should do for the day without his friends he cant hang out with peppermint beaver because he went to visit his family in Alaska he then sees a poster for the 10th land of aaa basketball tornement. parry goes to sign up but is told he cant enter he finds out why because he is to small he finds fizz berry standing outside she tells him that she would be happy to help him train and gives him a book called 'how to train' and tells him training starts tomorrow at her house. that night parry enters the house to see frog boy game buddy cherry bomb and barry sitting on the couch with hats saying I went to the best carnevel in the world shirts of a roller coaster cotton candy plushes and a big bag of popcorn. they ask parry if they want to watch a movie with them but parry declines the offer and runs upstairs to his room and locks the door that night parry has a nightmare of his friends making fun of him for playing basketball he then wakes up and decides that he should never tell his friends that he's playing basketball the next morning parry is training in the basketball hall but when he is about to throw the ball in the hoop he misses and falls and breaks his claws. later that day dr hambernie tells parry that he cant play ball because of his condition barry then enters the room and tells parry that he used to play backetball but gave up after loosing his record of the best play in the land of aaa but says that he will play one last time for his bro that night he comes into the hall and tells everyone that hes playing for parry he wins and gives parry who is still in the hospital the trophie parry then apolagises and barry tells parry if he wants to go to the fair as it has came back for 1 more day they then both walk out of the hospital and the episode ends