4 guys 1 apartment is a upcoming show coming to YouTube summer 2018 it will be created by Charlie hanratty co created by BB8


Taking place in los angeles the show follows 4 different animals living in a apartment a turtle called Sheldon a rabbit called hops a alcoholic party dog called hound and a social media obsessed Fox called Hunter as they deal with old crazy land lords giant spiders alcoholic ghosts and many more insane things.

Episodes Edit

season 1Edit

1. ghost room mate


3. Sheldon in the big police house 

4. Broken tv 

5. The yard sale 

6. Road to las Vegas with Sheldon and hops (season finale)

bonus episodeEdit

hounds Christmas cookie freak out (Christmas special)

season 2Edit

1. stranded

2. the 5th roomy

3. wheel of hops

4. road to England with Sheldon and hops

5. its your fault... (1)

6. HOPE... (2) (season finale)