Appearances Edit

  • season 2 episode 10 (mentioned/no lines)
  • season 3 episode 1 (as news reporter)

Won cups Edit

  • 2007 gold cup
  • 2008 silver cup
  • 2009 bronze cup
  • 2010 diamond cup
  • 2015 ruby cup
  • 2017 Bomb racing league grand prix

Biography Edit

Blueberry bomb was born in New york city. in his childhood 0-3. blueberry bomb could talk at birth. when blueberry bomb was 1 year old He dreamed of being a famous racer and appear on TV. Blueberry bomb took driving lessons at 2 years old and he passed. Blueberry bombs dad looked in the newspaper and found a racing league perfect for blueberry bombs kind. he dropped out of school and moved to california to drive over to the port of san francisco to get to the land of aaa on a ferry. blueberry bomb got very nervous but he made friends right away. Blueberry bomb was so hyped when the mechanic showed him his new race car and was so excited for his first race. at the 2007 bomb racing league grand prix blueberry bomb was ready to race and he said i am totally ready. blueberry bomb came 8th place on his first race his boss said its ok to lose if you are a beginner. but blueberry bomb gets better and wins a gold cup on the 3rd race. but blueberry bomb gets better over the years. by the time blueberry bomb was 13 he was rich and bought his own mansion to share with his friends he had a racing track to practice racing oil the next grand prix. in 2018 when cherry bomb joined the league blueberry bomb was nervous but he got along with it. so it came to a time when blueberry bomb came up with an idea to add a 7th race to the grand prix and a new cup with it. the bomb racing league decide to go on tour. blueberry bomb was about to meet other people from everywhere in the united states. the bomb racing league also thought it would be good for the top bombs in the league to get their own merchandise to support them.