Employee's Edit

Land of aaa cheesy's

  1. Burger bomb
  2. French fry bomb
  3. ketchup bomb
  4. Soda bomb

Menu Edit

Burger menu Edit

  1. The colossal burger
  2. The mexican heat burger (exclusive to mexico)
  3. The chicken baguette burger
  4. The reptile burger

Sides menu Edit

  1. French fries
  2. Popcorn chicken
  3. fish bites
  4. chicken nuggets
  5. chicken fillets
  6. chicken nachos

Kids menu Edit

Step 1 choose main

  1. Chicken burger
  2. Beef burger

Step 2 choose side (pick two)

Side A

  1. Popcorn chicken
  2. chicken nuggets
  3. chicken fillets
  4. chicken nachos
  5. fish bites

Side B

  1. Fries
  2. Gapple fries

Step 3 choose drink

  1. Juice carton
  2. cola
  3. cherryade
  4. gappleade
  5. orangeade
  6. semi skimmed milk
  7. water

Step 4 claim free toy and enjoy

Sweet treats menu Edit

  1. Donut
  2. macarons (exclusive to france)
  3. Cookie
  4. Creameo ice cream
  5. O&O's ice cream

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