Appearances Edit

Season 2

  1. 20 game buddies under the big blue
  2. a black christmas
  3. frog on skates
  4. a race to cookie crumble desert

Season 3

  1. welcome to the new land of aaa
  2. tackle the talking football
  3. the terror of gummy and cottons candy store
  4. time travel madness

Upcoming appearances

  1. detective frog boy
  2. parry and barry's aquarium escape
  3. working for money
  4. preparing for petra's takedown of dojo island
  5. snowboard mania
  6. little frog boy
  7. frog on a sundae
  8. let's work up an appetite
  9. 22 for parry
  10. frog boy vs the job interview
  11. return to candy land
  12. stanleys game
  13. game buddy's story part 1
  14. Game buddy's story part 2

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