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1. a adventure begins

2. landla

3. oceawa

4. return to the big blue

5. a tough choice

6. volcano ball

7. ice ball

8. the plan

9. a war begins

10. safe at last

origin story of landla and oceawaEdit

billions of years before season 1 takes place, landla was formed from lava and molten rocks, and oceawa had DNA come from every single species of whale and became the biggest species of whale to ever exist. landla at 400 ft tall, and oceawa at 350 ft tall. landla and oceawa go out to hiding due to everyone talking about them. a caveman painted an ancient art of the three lengendary beasts, landla, oceawa, and clousky which will remain a mystery. landla was there to form the lands, oceawa was there to form to oceans and the creatures of the deep, and clousky was there to create clouds, hurricanes, weather, tornados, thunderstorms, and snow. when team omega and team alpha (the two teams that have a rival on eachother team omega is after landla and team alpha is after oceawa) study the beasts, frog boy and Stanley look for a book of stanleys with every single creature on planet aaa and finds the two beasts.

characters Edit

  • frog boy
  • game buddy
  • cherry bomb
  • parry
  • barry
  • max (team omega leader)
  • jay (team alpha leader)
  • marnina (team alpha leader's daughter)
  • landlina (team omega leader's daughter)
  • team omega grunts
  • team alpha grunts
  • unnamed tough guy from team alpha who uses a shark as a hammer
  • unnamed tough guy from team omega
  • Stanley