About Edit

Embark on a brand new quest with frog boy and friends.Take up to six citizens on missions.

Levels Edit

Chapter 1

  1. Finding game buddy
  2. HELLO! where are parry and barry
  3. oh no cherry bomb is gone
  4. Lets go hunt for stanley

Chapter 2

  1. Arriving at the abandoned dream island
  2. Collecting things to start quest
  3. Caramel joins the quest
  4. Seedy comes along

Script Edit


Narrator: Dream island was a happy island until the nightmare beast given birth to a terrible darkness to the island and no one visited that island for 1000 years due to being deserted and now you, frog boy and friends will now embark on this quest to restore dream island. Good luck.

First cutscene

Frog boy: guys, what do you think we should do today.

Cherry bomb: i dont know

Game buddy: what are those big clouds up there

Narrator: the big clouds sucked up all the citizens.

Frog boy: oh no, my friends have been sucked up by giant black clouds will you help me save them all.

Before going into battle

Narrator: who would you like to take with you to battle

Chapter 1-level 1. After Frog boy takes down the guacamole monster

Frog boy: oh game buddy your here.

Game buddy: we don't have enough time we have to save everyone

When completed lets go hunt for stanley

Frog boy: looks like we have all reunited

cherry bomb: yeah well lets go to dream island

Before the level arriving at the abandoned dream island

stanley: woah this place kind of looks deserted than i thought

Parry: i thought it was gonna be filled with cupcakes or rainbows or unicorns but this looks dark.

Barry: me too it kind of looks so dark

The nightmare beast: (in a croaky voice) Hello Frog boy, I've see you have reunited with your friends, one thing you never restore this island, cheerio.

Parry: he is not a very nice guy.

Barry: yeah i agree he looks evil.