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welcome to the frog boy wiki you can find all the information of your favourite characters from the youtube show frog boy (2016 - 2019) This wiki may not be finished yet but i may change these features in the future. let me know on youtube if i have made a mistake

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Episodes Edit

Season 1

  1. Welcome to the land of aaa
  2. best day ever
  3. game buddy's movie heist
  4. night of the living slimes
  5. Frog boy's birthday
  6. frog boy and barry VS the closet
  7. Friends until the end
  8. the aporkalypse part 1
  9. the aporkalypse part 2
  10. the apocalypse part 3 (finale)

Season 2

  1. the cheese obsessed guy
  2. the secret of wooly's bakery
  3. video game land
  4. stuck in candy land
  5. frog boy finds love
  6. lights, camera, frog boy
  7. 20 game buddies under the big blue
  8. a black christmas (special)
  9. frog on skates
  10. race to cookie crumble desert (finale)

Season 3

  1. welcome to the new land of aaa (special)
  2. tackle the talking football
  3. the terror of gummy and cottons candy store
  4. time travel madness (special)
  5. return to candy land
  6. detective frog boy
  7. snowboard mania
  8. Parry and Barry's aquarium escape 
  9. Journey to the centre of the internet 
  10. working for money
  11. frog on a sundae
  12. let's work up an appetite
  13. 22 for parry
  14. Stanley's game  
  15. Boo busters 
  16. Little Frog boy
  17. Game buddy's story part 1
  18. Game buddy's story part 2

scrapped episodes Edit

  • Stanley's new superhero tech
  • grumpy guacamole monster
  • Copyright
  • Frog boy and the bowling tournament
  • Who tube
  • Truth or death

upcoming movies and episodes Edit


Spinoff shows

Mini series

Characters Edit

Parry and Barry

Other characters

Cherry bomb

Ice bomb



peppermint beaver




turtle bomb

ghost pepper jack

wobbly jello guy





dark horse

shadow frog boy

shape shifter

top H

Elf in the black hat

icicle beastrus

Psycho garry (abandoned sibling)

robo cherry bomb


Upcoming characters




Burger bomb

french fry bomb

ketchup bomb

soda bomb

Items and objects Edit

Food objects

the game buddy food range

Tech products

stanley froggington's smart cup


Animals and robots


Apps and Gapps

Mymoji emoji maker for guyphone and guypad

Locations Edit

Cheesy's fast food

land of aaa

legendary beasts Edit

Ideas to make my show the biggest kids show of all time Edit

Frog boy: the complete 1st season DVD- blu-ray

Frog boy: the complete 2nd season DVD- blu-ray

Frog boy: the movie dvd blu-ray

Frog boy: the complete 3rd season DVD- blu-ray

Frog boy: the complete 4th season DVD- blu-ray

Frog boy: the complete 5th season DVD- blu-ray

Frog boy: the complete series 16 disc box set

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