About Edit

Frog boy the movie is an animated movie scheduled for september 2017

Characters Edit

New characters Edit

  1. Slot machine guy (one off)
  2. Donald trunk (one off)
  3. Macaron bomb
  4. Jackseptibomb (one off)
  5. DanTBM (one off)
  6. The BB8 obsessed bomb (one off)
  7. bamboo the giant panda (one off)
  8. Cop bernie (one off)
  9. burger bomb
  10. Fancy bomb
  11. Marshmallow bomb
  12. Spicy pepper bomb

Returning characters Edit

  1. Frog boy
  2. Game buddy
  3. Parry and barry
  4. cherry bomb
  5. stanley
  6. Minty
  7. peppermint beaver

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