Design history and variants Edit

  • Early concept (2013)
  • "pilot" (2014)Go to Pilot (2014)
  • Season 1 (screen off)
  • Season 1
  • "the night of the living slimes"
  • Season 1 (low battery)
  • Season 1 (brain freeze mode)
  • Season 2
  • scrapped screen (the cherry man)
  • "race to cookie crumble desert" (upgrade mode on)
  • When possessed by top H
  • "return to candy land"
  • Ninja suit

character history and inspiration Edit

Inspiration Edit

Game buddy is the fan favourite of the series and he is based of the game boy and he was inspired from BMO from adventure time

History Edit

when the show was in early development in 2013 game buddy was originally not going to be based of the game boy, he was going to be based of the xbox controller but the design was scrapped but the game boy like design was used.

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