backstory Edit

Stanley was addicted to computers since May 2007 (2.5 years old). Stanley started school in September 2007 (2.8 years old) On his first day he walked in wearing glasses and egged by other students. he didn't make friends at all. No one ever came to Stanley's birthday parties and was never invited to anyone else's birthday parties and also never got valentines from anyone. stanleys class had 30 students counting him. in December 2007 Stanley got an A+ while everybody else got an f-. Stanleys parents booked an appointment to see what is wrong with his brain and he finds out his brain is 2X the size of everyone elses brains. Stanley got bullied for being smart and getting an A+. so Stanley explained to his parents that frog boy should join the school and he was no longer bullied after May 2008 when Stanley and frog boy were finishing for a three month summer vacation then in October 2011 Petra kidnapped him and locked him up in her dungeon then in 2016 frog boy saved him in the aporkalypse he currently resides with frog boy in his basement which he has since turned into a lab