a cup invented by stanley that is popular across planet aaa including these countries. USA, canada, UK, france, south korea, and china we cant forget japan

Colours Edit

Normal ($50) Edit

  1. red
  2. orange
  3. yellow
  4. green
  5. blue
  6. purple

Edition ($200) Edit

  1. rose gold
  2. gold
  3. silver
  4. space grey
  5. jet black

Fancy bomb's smart cup (one of a kind) ($100,000) Edit

Covered in

  1. jewels and gems
  2. diamonds
  3. gold finish

stores Edit

stores in the land of aaa that sells them Edit

  1. land of aaa mart ($50)
  2. land of aaa smart cup customizer store ($25)
  3. land of aaa tech store
  4. land of aaa mall smart cup store

online stores that sells them Edit

  1. vamazon ($50) ($200 [edition])
  2. ($50) ($75 [customized]) ($200)
  3. googly shopping ($50) ($200)

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