Before the show Edit

65 million BC- Frog boy gets chased by T-rex

top H was born

1055- Frog boy gets locked up in a castle prison

1333- Frog boy gets slaved by pharoh

1860- Frog boy in the wild west

April 1955- a nuclear war happens

July 1955-most of the humans go to space

November 1955- " the smiley bomb" goes off killing most of the humans

May 1968- everything goes back to normal

July 1975- george froggington was born

Febuary 14th 1983- mayor patrick and petra were born

Febuary 16th 1983- smart turtle shaves his afro off

July 19th 2000- parry and barry were born

Febuary 2003- Mabel moos starts buisness starting with valentines day milkshakes

November 4th 2004- Frog boy was born

November 11th 2004- stanley was born

May 2007- stanley learns to use a computer

stanley gets bullied for good grades

October 13th 2011- stanley gets kidnapped by petra

November 4th 2014- Frog boy turns 10

Frog boy moves to the land of aaa

Season 1 time line Edit

September 30th 2016- Welcome to the land of aaa and best day ever take place

October 1st 2016- Game buddys movie heist takes place

October 31st 2016- the night of the living slimes takes place

November 4th 2016- Frog boys birthday takes place

November 25th 2016- Frog boy and barry VS the closet takes place

December 18th 2016- Friends until the end takes place

Petra starts the aporkalypse

December 18th - December 23rd 2016- the aporkalypse happens

Season 2 time line Edit

July 17th 2017- the cheese obsessed guy takes place

july 19th 2017- the secret of woolys bakery takes place

July 25th 2017- video game land takes place

September 14th 2017- stuck in candy land takes place

Febuary 14th 2018- frog boy finds love takes place

December 6th 2018- lights, camera, frog boy takes place

december 7th 2018- 20 game buddy's under the big blue

december 24th-December 25th 2018- a black Christmas takes place

December 30th 2018- frog on skates takes place

december 31st 2018- the race to cookie crumble desert takes place

Season 3 timeline Edit

December 31st 2019 - January 1st 2020- welcome to the new land of aaa

January 8th 2020- tackle the talking football takes place

Febuary 1st 2020- the terror of gummy and cottons candy store takes place

June 1st 2020- time travel madness takes place

October 31st 2020- return to candy land takes place

November 7th 2020- detective frog boy takes place

november 9th- November 16th- frog boy the movie takes place

November 27th 2020 - January 6th 2021- Snowboard mania takes place

After series Edit

June 2120- frog boy goes to the future

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