The creation era Edit

2 billion years before season 1- atominic created the universe along with diamo and pearlix, diamo to create planets, and pearlix to extend the space and galaxy

diamo created planet aaa

750 million years before season 1- oceawa was formed on a beach to create water and landla was formed to create land

when landla and oceawa started hating eachother, atominic created Clousky even more powerful then landla and oceawa.

500 million years before season 1- atominic created X deer to create 5 realms

atominic created Y dactyl as a god and to create gravity

atominic created Z snake to hold planet aaa together

200 million years before season 1- darko and lighteneer were created to create darkness and light around us

Sunlion and lunadactyl were formed in the sun and moon

100 million years before season 1- browlee, snowi, flowpi, and sunmer were formed to be the different seasond of the year

65 million years before season 1- top H was supposed to be the creator of materials and minerals but his powers went out of control and he started going crazy and atominic has lost control of top H

Before the show Edit

65 million BC- Frog boy gets chased by T-rex

1055- Frog boy gets locked up in a castle prison

1333- Frog boy gets slaved by pharoh

1860- Frog boy in the wild west

April 1955- a nuclear war happens

July 1955-most of the humans go to space

November 1955- " the smiley bomb" goes off killing most of the humans

May 1968- everything goes back to normal

July 1975- george froggington was born

Febuary 14th 1983- mayor patrick and petra were born

Febuary 16th 1983- smart turtle shaves his afro off

July 19th 2000- parry and barry were born

Febuary 2003- Mabel moos starts buisness starting with valentines day milkshakes

November 4th 2004- Frog boy was born

November 11th 2004- stanley was born

September 2006- baby game buddy was found by smart turtle

May 2007- stanley learns to use a computer

stanley gets bullied for good grades

October 13th 2011- stanley gets kidnapped by petra

November 4th 2014- Frog boy turns 10

Frog boy moves to the land of aaa

Season 1 time line Edit

September 30th 2016- Welcome to the land of aaa and best day ever take place

October 1st 2016- Game buddys movie heist takes place

October 31st 2016- the night of the living slimes takes place

November 4th 2016- Frog boys birthday takes place

November 25th 2016- Frog boy and barry VS the closet takes place

December 18th 2016- Friends until the end takes place

Petra starts the aporkalypse

December 18th - December 23rd 2016- the aporkalypse happens

Season 2 time line Edit

July 17th 2017- the cheese obsessed guy takes place

july 19th 2017- the secret of woolys bakery takes place

July 25th 2017- video game land takes place

September 14th 2017- stuck in candy land takes place

Febuary 14th 2018- frog boy finds love takes place

December 6th 2018- lights, camera, frog boy takes place

december 7th 2018- 20 game buddy's under the big blue

december 24th-December 25th 2018- a black Christmas takes place

December 30th 2018- frog on skates takes place

december 31st 2018- the race to cookie crumble desert takes place

Season 3 timeline Edit

December 31st 2019 - January 1st 2020- welcome to the new land of aaa

January 8th 2020- tackle the talking football takes place

Febuary 1st 2020- the terror of gummy and cottons candy store takes place

June 1st 2020- time travel madness takes place

October 31st 2020- return to candy land takes place

November 7th 2020- detective frog boy takes place

november 9th- November 16th- frog boy the movie takes place

November 27th 2020 - December 22nd 2020- Snowboard mania takes place

January 10th - January 15th 2021 working for money takes place

January 19th 2021- samurai of cards takes place

January 21st 2021- parry and barry's aquarium escape

January 30th 2021- frog on a sundae takes place

January 31st 2021- little frog boy takes place

After series Edit

June 2120- frog boy goes to the future