Collections Edit

Main gang Edit

  • Frog boy
  • Game buddy (season 1)
  • Game buddy (season 2)
  • Parry (Red)
  • Parry (Blue)
  • barry

Citizens Edit

  • mabel moo (milkshake scented)
  • ham bernie (ham burger scented)
  • slushous
  • chef pepper pizza (pizza scented)
  • smart turtle
  • Gummy (bubble gum scented)
  • cotton (cotton candy scented
  • cheesy (cheese scented)
  • Tackle

Villains Edit

  • Petra
  • the possessor
  • dark horse
  • shadow frog boy
  • shape shifter
  • top H
  • Slime monster
  • the elf in the black hat
  • guacamole monster (character not out yet)

more main gang Edit

  • peppermint beaver
  • caramel
  • seedy
  • cherry bomb (cherry scented)
  • ice bomb
  • bubblegum bomb (bubblegum scented)
  • watermelon bomb (watermelon scented0
  • cosmic bomb
  • magma bomb


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